It’s not about gimmicks or the brand but the customer experience

At Galleria Italiana, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We aim to serve the highest quality Italian food. This is achieved by selecting the best ingredients in order for our chef to work his magic. Galleria Italiana is not a chain. Nothing is produced centrally or bought in bulk which allows us to focus on creating individual meals of outstanding freshness and taste. We believe that cutting corners only serves to lower the quality of dishes.

We only ever use:

  • Free range chicken and eggs
  • Authentic Italian cured meats
  • Hand stretched pizzas dough, made to order
  • Fresh dough, not frozen, made daily for our pizzas

Rich italian food being cooked

Locally sourced where possible

Meats, veg and fruit are locally sourced wherever possible. This not only ensures freshness but also supports the local economy. A good example of this practice is asparagus. Our customers want to know that the asparagus that we are serving is local. We have been asked this question many times before, and it is clearly important to many people, in terms of principle and also taste.

Monkfish being prepared in Italian restaurant Worcester

Authentic ingredients from Italy

Some ingredients are not sourced locally, but come direct from Italy. There are certain items that can only come from Italy for a truly authentic taste. This includes cured meats (protected designation of origin) and cheeses, Italian plum tomatoes and other items. Flours and pastas also are imported from Italy for that taste like no other.

Italian dessert

Modern twist on traditional Italian cuisine

Galleria Italiana is owed by Italian people with passion for fine food and we are proud of the rich Italian culture that has led to our great food. The owners are very much ‘hands on’ within the business, making sure quality is consistently high. Many of our dishes have a modern twist, however, your Italian grandmother won’t have any complaints regarding a quality and authenticity of our food

Fresh salad

Quality natural raw ingredients make for an outstanding Italian meal

We want to ensure that our valued customers are getting the best experience when they visit Galleria Italiana. You can eat good food at home, but when you dine in a restaurant we believe that you deserve great food. Fresh everyday deliveries ensure from that, from local field to plate, at Galleria Italiana you will be eating fresh natural food that hasn’t be frozen or overly processed.

Fresh egg being cracked

Eggs is Eggs?

We have taken the ethical decision to only use free range eggs. This is something that we have often been asked about by our customers. A meal is as good as good as it’s component parts. The richness of a of golden yolk going into a dish is simply much better than using a cheap caged hen egg. We believe that cutting corners only serves to lower the quality of dishes.

Book a table at Worcester’s favourite Italian Restaurant

If you would like to experience a taste of Italy for yourself then why not book a table at Galleria Italiana. You can book online or talk to a member of the team on 01905 612211