A few months into the job, we caught up with our returning head chef Cosimo for a chat about food and life.

Cosimo making pizza

So things are quite traditional at Galleria?

“Yes. We no lots of things the traditional Italian way. Sometimes this means that it takes us longer, or there is a lot more prep, but it’s worth it to produce better plates of food.”

What inspires you?

“When I was a child my mother gave me a recipe book. This alone inspired me and sparked my passion for food. I still use this book to this day. The reaction that people have when they try a new dish inspires me to be creative and keep pushing the boundaries.”

Cosimo cooking

What food do you personally love to eat?

“I’m from the region South Puglia. This is an area where fish is an important part of the diet. I love sea-food and fresh pasta is very important. I’m inspired by a variety of regions that I’ve lived and worked in. I love Sea food Risotto. Although I love sea-food I think that one of my favourite dishes has to be roast lamb – Delicious!”

Cosimo, thanks for taking the time out to have a chat with us.

You clearly have passion for food, tell us more

“You have to love food. I love food and not just Italian food. I do have a true passion for food, and all aspects of it. I have an allotment I like to grow ingredients. From field to plate. I think that having an understanding of how plants grow, their origins, it really important. It make me a better chef.”

Interesting, tell us more

“I like everything to do with food. I like to make my own pickles and sauces and am interested in the way that we preserve food, especially traditionally. That said, I think it’s very important to cook to the seasonal products from the land. Fresh ingredients are the best.”

How does that apply to your job at Galleria Italiana?

“Well, we use the best and freshest ingredients available to us. This means locally sourced, although some ingredients are imported from Italy. At Galleria Italiana we try to strike a balance between authenticity and modern techniques.”

Starting a dish

And is that something you can do at Galleria Italiana?

“Definitely. Faust gives me the freedom to run things the way I want to. The whole team agrees on what the restaurant should be about, and that’s a focus on flavour and ingredients. Creativity stems from there. As a chef you have to try new things and experiment. Putting together the specials menu is always fun. As you can imagine there is a lot of lively debate between the team when this is done.”

Tell us more about your menu…

“Our menu has been put together to ensure that every plate is of the highest standard. As I said, it starts with good quality ingredients. Good quality beef and pork are a must and the menu reflect this. Sauces are from scratch and we take pride in making everything perfectly Our muscles don’t arrive in bags for instance. Fresh mussels are essential.”

Authentic italian dish

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